Welcome to your holiday cottage in Skipton

Do you like to see a welcome hamper or gift when you arrive at your holiday accommodation?

Over the years, we have gone through periods of providing welcome gifts and also not providing them. Our experience is that some guests love them and others leave them untouched.

So at the moment, we are not providing a welcome gift on arrival at Thisledo Holiday Cottage but are focusing on other things which can help to provide you with a great holiday experience from the start.

This includes offering an early check-in service so that you can arrive early and start exploring Skipton on a Saturday afternoon. We also provide plenty of tourist information on things to do and see in Skipton and the surrounding area. Finally, we will contact you via text early Saturday evening to check that you have arrived safely and that everything is OK for you at the cottage.

These are little things but guests do appreciate them.

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