A Leisurely Stroll from Thisledo Holiday Cottage in Skipton to Morrisons/Tesco Supermarkets

Some guests arriving by public transport or overseas travellers to Thisledo Holiday Cottage often ask ‘ we need to do some shopping, where is the closest supermarket?’

Skipton has two supermarkets, Morrisons and Tesco, both of which are next to each other. The walk to the supermarket takes less than 10 minutes and provides an opportunity to explore Skipton and to see some of the sights including a short walk along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.

The route is shown below.

After leaving the cottage, cross the road by the Paper Shop and walk along Brook Street, crossing the canal on the swing bridge, then turn right and walk along the canal tow path, until you reach a step of steps on the left. Descend the steps and make your way to the main road, where you will be able to see Morrisons ahead of you and Tesco at the far end of the car park behind the Morrsions Petrol Station.

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