Prices, Booking & Availability

To book a stay at the Thisledo holiday cottage, it is recommended to book directly through this website as it avoids additional reservation fees charged by holiday cottage agencies.

The cottage’s availability is updated regularly and the booking policies vary depending on the season.

During the Spring/Summer season, bookings must start on a Saturday and be for a minimum of 7 nights, while during the Autumn/Winter season, bookings can start on any day of the week and must be for a minimum of 2 nightsat weekends and 3 nights midweek.

How to Book

There are several ways to book a stay at the cottage: you can book directly by clicking on the link below, calling us on the phone number below, or booking through online platforms such as Holiday Lettings,, AirBNB, or VRBO using the links below, or sending an email to our email address.

Autumn / Winter Prices and Availability 

During the autumn and winter months, Thisledo holiday cottage is a great option for a short getaway in the Yorkshire Dales for rest and relaxation, whether it be a long weekend or a midweek break. The cottage offers short stays starting any day of the week between late October and mid April.

The minimum stay during the Autumn/Winter season is three nights during the week and two nights at weekend. The rates per night vary depending on the day of the week, with rates per night for Friday, Saturday, Sunday starting at £90 and rates per night for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting from £70 per night.

To obtain prices and availability for short stays during the Autumn/Winter season, please use the link below to the cottage’s booking system.

Click here to book online

Spring / Summer Prices and Availability 

Bookings for Spring/Summer 2024 can be made using the cottage’s booking system or through our booking partners. By booking directly, you can save money as there are no booking fees or commission charges.

The minimum stay during the Spring/Summer season is seven nights and all stays must start on a Saturday.

We recommend to book direct to get the best deal and avoid additional fees charged by holiday cottage agencies.

Click here to book online

Week Commencing SaturdayWeekly Tariff
04 May 2024£425
11 May 2024Booked
18 May 2024Booked
25 May 2024Booked
01 June 2024Booked
08 June 2024Booked
15 June 2024Booked
22 June 2024Booked
29 June 2024Booked
6 July 2024Booked
13 July 2024£510
20 July 2024£585
27 July 2024£595
03 August 2024£560
10 August 2024£560
17 August 2024£515
24 August 2024£505
31 August 2024£455
07 September 2024Booked
14 September 2024Booked
21 September 2024Booked
28 September 2024Booked
05 October 2024£395
12 October 2024£435
19 October 2024£435
26 October 2024Booked
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