Accessibility Information

The following information provides full details of the cottage accessibility.

Main entrance and reception

  • The main entrance is through a small fenced garden area, gate width 80cm
  • The front door is 200cm x 78cm with hinge on the left; the key is 90cm high.
  • The step from the garden area is 9cm high and 22cm deep
  • The front door opens into the cloakroom with a door into the sitting room 75cm x 195cm
  • There is a large doormat inset on the floor of the cloakroom

The dining room and lounge

  • The carpet is grey 80% wool (short pile)
  • To the left of the lounge area there is a large 2 seater leather settee.
  • There is a drop leaf dining table and two dining chairs
  • There is a TV, soundbar and DVD player
  • There is a BOSE CD Player/radio
  • The door from the far side of the lounge is 75cm x 195cm leading into the kitchen

Self catering kitchen

  • There are three doors into the kitchen (dimensions already described). A fire extinguisher is located by the back door at a height of 200cm and fire blanket is located at a height of 150cm
  • The kitchen is L shaped
  • The work surface is 90cm high and 60cm deep, the narrowest gap between the units is 40cm and the widest gap is 88cm
  • The sink and gas hob are both 90cm high, the grill height is 75cm and the oven door height is 75cm, a microwave is also available
  • Standard crockery is provided in the work space under the cupboard, glasses and cups are in the wall cupboards
  • The fridge is under the work surface (freezer in out building)
  • The floor is ceramic tiles


  • There is a standard front loading washing machine in the kitchen
  • There is a dryer in the out building accessed via the back door 195cm x 83cm from the kitchen
  • The step is 15cm deep x 18cm high
  • It is 320cm to the out building from the kitchen door, the out building door is 196 x 85cm the step 10cm wide x 10cm deep
  • The dryer height is 70cm, there is also a freezer, height 90cm. The width of the out building is 130cm and the length 170 cm

Outdoor facilities

  • Exiting from the kitchen back door there is a small walled stone patio area measuring 320cm x 160cm. There are two garden chairs and a table. This patio leads to the out building described above

Upstairs bedroom

  • Exiting the kitchen to go up the stairs, the kitchen door measures 190cm x 85cm with a step up of 25cm
  • There are 13 stairs up a steep staircase, at the top of the stair case there is a landing area measuring 330cm x 115cm
  • The door to the bedroom measures 190cm x 72cm and is hinged on the right
  • The bedroom is carpeted with a grey short pile 80% wool carpet
  • There is a wooden double bed height 50cm
  • The space to the left of the bed is 80cm
  • The space to the right of the bed is 50cm
  • The room light has a switch by the door 
  • There are two separate reading lights on either side of the bed


  • The door measures 195cm x 72cm and is hinged on the left.
  • The toilet seat is 40cm high, the distance to the right of the toilet is 24cm
  • The sink height is 82cm
  • The shower measures 100 cm x 90 cm
  • The room has a heated towel rail.
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