Adventurous Day Trip

Whilst most of our holiday cottage guests are very happy just exploring Skipton Town Centre, take walks in the Yorkshire Dales and to go on day trips to places on interest, some guests are more adventurous.

If that white knuckle feeling is something which like to enjoy on your holiday and your stay at the cottage takes place over the August Bank Holiday or the May Bank Holiday weeks, then maybe you would like to visit Gaping Gill, close to Clapham.

As you can see from the above Gaping Gill is an underground adventure and you can read more about it on this link and also here

You’ll need to drive to Clapham, about 40 minutes from Thisledo and then walk up to the Cave entrance which can take around an hour.

I have done the trip once and it was a fantastic experience entering a world I have never been in before, but its not everyone’s cup of tea and if the thought of being trapped underground is too frightening, maybe just stay in Clapham and take a tour of the various tea shops.

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