How close is the nearest pub to the holiday cottage?

You arrived at the cottage, unpacked, and now need a drink to toast the start of your holiday. How close is the nearest pub from Thisledo Holiday cottage.

The closest pub is The Royal Shepherd Inn just off Coach Street and is only a few minutes walk from the cottage on your way into the town centre. It is the only pub in the country to be called the Royal Shepherd and has been serving since the 17th Century, so they know a thing or two about hospitality.

If you then feel like exploring more Skipton pubs, a few doors down you will the Yorkshire Rose, the Narrow Boat, the Mesh Room, the Boat House……………… The list of pubs in Skipton is long and whatever your taste, you will be able to find somewhere to enjoy the drink of your choice in the surroundings of your choice.


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