I’m loving my holiday in Skipton

We receive lots of wonderful reviews from Guests who have enjoyed their stay at Thisledo Holiday Cottage in Skipton, the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. Many guests bring their four legged companions along with them to enjoy their holiday.

I’m sure if we could get a review from one of our many dog guests, they too would give favourable reviews.

The holiday cottage is dog friendly with secure small outside areas at the front and rear of the property.

Close by is Aireville Park where dogs can stretch their legs, run free and sniff the smells of Skipton. The park is ideal for those quick walks first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Skipton Woods is also close by and a great place to walk your dog.

Exploring the Yorkshire Dales is every dogs dream, so much green and open space for them to enjoy, just remember the country code and keep dogs under control near livestock.

Lots of our human guests love the fact that the cottage is only a few minutes walk from Skipton Town Centre. Here again, I’m sure dogs would also give that a Thumbs Up.

Skipton has lots of dog friendly pubs, restaurants and cafe to enjoy. There is even a cafe specially designed for dogs, the award winning Kibble Bakery located at the bottom of the High Street. Owners can enjoy a coffee and a cake, while dogs can enjoy cakes, ice cream and other treats made especially for them to enjoy.

Whilst there are many holiday cottage in Skipton, not all of them are dog friendly, some are very dog unfriendly, but Thisledo Holiday Cottage has been welcoming dogs at no extra costs for years. So, please bring your dog along to enjoy your holiday.

We only have one ask and that is not to allow dogs upstairs if possible and never to allow them onto the bed. Thank you.

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