Less than 5 Minutes walk Into Skipton Town Centre

One of the big advantages of staying in our Skipton holiday cottage located just off Gargrave Road is how close it is to the town centre.

You can find holiday cottages right in the middle of  Skipton, we used to own one, but sold it! Why did we sell it? Well, Skipton like a lot of towns becomes a different place in the evnings, especially Thursday to Saturdays. People out having fun in Skipton Town Centre, don’t appreciate that you are there to enjoy the tranquillty of the Yorkshire Dales. The late night revellers disturbed our guests and so we sold that holiday cottage and bought another just a few minutes walk from the town centre, but in a peaceful part of town, away from the pubs and bars.

It’s still only a five minute walk to the town centre, here’s the direction:-

  • Walk onto Gargrave Road and turn left towards the town centre
5 Minute walk

Walking into skipton From the holiday cottage

  • Walk along Gragrave Road, passing Ermysteds Grammar School on your lef
    Walking into Skipton
    • Ermysteds Grammar School
  • At the mini rounabout, by what was the Commercial Pub, now a Chinese Restaurant, you have a choice, walk straight on along Water Street to arrive at the town centre, or take a right down Coach Street to arrive at a different part of Skipton Town Centre. Our recommendation is to go right and then explore the back street onto the High Street.


Which way?

Take a right or go straight on to head towards the High Street; the choice is yours!


  • That’s how close we are to the Town Centre, a few minutes walk down a pleasant road and with no hills!
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