Renovation Update: Thisledo Holiday Cottage’s Exciting Kitchen Refurbishment in 2024

Thisledo Holiday Cottage, a beloved destination in Skipton, is currently undergoing a significant kitchen renovation, a space that has witnessed over two decades of warm hospitality. While the cottage has undergone regular updates over the years, 2024 marks a milestone with a comprehensive refurbishment of the kitchen.

The latest upgrade involves bidding farewell to the reliable Rayburn Range, which has powered central heating and hot water for years, along with the entire set of kitchen units. In their place, a modern and appealing kitchen from Howdens of Skipton is set to transform the heart of the cottage.

The refurbishment process has commenced, and with the last guests bidding farewell today, the cottage will remain closed for the next four weeks. The old kitchen is currently being stripped out, laying the groundwork for the upcoming transformation.

Key Dates:

  • Monday: Removal of the Rayburn Range by Ribble Valley Heating.
  • Wednesday: Installation of the new kitchen begins, led by GPH Joinery.

Throughout this exciting journey, we’ll be sharing regular updates on the progress. Stay tuned for more insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses as we document the transformation. Here is a photos capturing the state of things on day one, Saturday, January 20, 2024.

Follow along as Thisledo Holiday Cottage evolves into a refreshed and modern retreat. We appreciate your continued support and can’t wait to unveil the final result!

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