Revitalising our Holiday Cottage

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to give our cottage a little TLC. Refreshing those tired corners is essential to maintaining its charm and appeal. One of the first tasks on the list is tackling the shower sealant, which often falls victim to mould over time. Despite its supposed 10-year lifespan, reality kicks in, and typically, it barely lasts two years. So, it’s out with the old, mouldy sealant, and in with fresh, clean white sealant, ensuring a pristine look for our guests.

Another area needing attention is the stone flags gracing the front and rear of the property. Covered in unsightly green algae, they obscure the magnificent colors of the flags underneath. Cleaning them up restores their natural beauty, allowing their vibrant hues to shine through once more.

Though seemingly small tasks, they are integral to the upkeep of Thisledo Holiday Cottage, ensuring it remains in excellent condition for future guests to enjoy.

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