Skipton Holiday Cottage provides guests with more than one toilet roll!

We love self-catering holidays and have stayed in holiday cottages and apartments in the United Kingdom and Europe, but we often come across a constant frustration.

What’s that you ask?

You have paid several hundred pounds for the accommodation and arrive at the holiday property to find Welcome Gifts ranging from a bottle of Prosecco to freshly baked cakes. Frustratingly you then discover some basic household items are missing or limited in supply.

We’re talking about those accommodations which only provide one toilet roll, one bin bag, a dishcloth, strictly counted out dishwater tablets, one for each day of your stay and similar generosity of household essentials.

It’s a real bug bear when you must then go shopping for more household supplies to supplement the provided amounts. Especially as they cost a tiny fraction of the income you have provided to the holiday property owner for your stay.

At Thisledo Holiday Cottage, we provide ample supplies of household items, including kitchen roll, tin foil, sandwich bags. Then you don’t have to spend time during your holiday venturing to the supermarket for more supplies. Instead, you can get on with enjoying Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales.

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