Skipton in The Yorkshire Dales Near Lancashire

It often comes as a surprise to visitors to our holiday cottage in skipton, which is the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, that they are in fact only a few miles from Lancashire!!

Take a trip down the A59 and within minutes you will reach Lancashire. Whilst some of the closest Lancashire villages/towns such as Earby & Barnoldswick ( Barlick to the locals) are officially in Lancashire, this is very much a historical dispute, with many locals considering themselves as Yorkshiremen!

In fact, if you travel along the A59 towards Preston, the dark satanic mills of Lancashire are no where to be seen and you will travel along one of the most pictoresque routes in the locality, via off the A59 into the many quaint and lovely villages and hamlets and you can find great walking coutry and some fantastic country pubs.

So, venture out of the Yorkshire dales and explore the delights of Lancashire, it really isn’t that bad!

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