The Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch In SkiptonThe Olympic torch arrives in Skipton on Sunday 24 June 2012, here’s the timeline:-

From 3pm – Advance Sponsorship vehicles, Samsung, Coca Cola and Lloyds TSB arrive to entertain the crowds

Approx 3:45 – Activation convoy together with sponsorship vehicles passes through the Olympic Torch Route to check the route is clear and there are no dangers. The sponsors will also be distributing give away items to the crowd lining the route – but only on the nearside of the road. The activation convoy has been mistaken for the actual Olympic Torch Convoy elsewhere in the country so be warned!

4:05pm – Olympic Torch Convoy with first torchbearers begins at Farm Croft, Keighley Road (opposite Horse Close Bridge)

4:19pm – Arrives at Skipton High Street

4:23pm – Turns into Newmarket Street

4:29 – Torch turns left at the mini roundabout onto Otley Road

4:30pm – Olympic Torch Convoy end of last Skipton Torchbearers leg at Princes Crescent junction with Otley Road

4:33 – Convoy leaves Skipton

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