Tour De France – Le Grand Depart – Skipton & The Yorkshire Dales

If you visting Skipton to watch the spectacle of some of the stages of the Tour De France taking place in and around Skipton at the start of July 2014, the following resources might help plan your visit:

  1. Welcome to Skipton – lots of information about Skipton and links to useful Le Tour websites.
  2. Le Tour Yorkshire  – The official website for the Le Grand Depart of the Tour De France in Yorkshire.
  3. Craven District Council – Skipton’s local council website containing information about Le Tour
  4. Le Petite Depart – on the 1st June, you can take part in the first stage of Le Tour with a choice of two routes – the recreational ride (33 miles) and the sportive ride (78 miles).

Most, if not all of the local holiday cottages, hotel and Bed & Breakfast places are fully booked, but there are lots of pop up camping sites that will be opening to accommodate the thousands of visitors to the area. Here’s a couple of suggestions:-


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